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The project Aquascape was founded in 2004 by two moscow musicians Andrey Kostomarov, Anton Salikov and Valeriy Gorik from Sochi. There were several years of experiments in live underground project Poisoned Reason, several years of quest, after which the trio felt strong desire to transfer their inner imagination  and creation to the infinite fields of intellectual electronic music.

Being, at first turn, a  studio project, the colleagues  set their mind on the world of sound-design and deep, diverse and emotional melodies.

Step by step tracks released in different albums, the musicians began to perform in different events. Eventually it  led to a first full album Underwater Stranger which got lots of  positive responses and reviews and took its place in psychill/psyambient music.

During this time trio has collaborated with interesting and outstanding musicians: Nikita Klimenko (Chronos), Sergey Bondarenko (Taff, Theatre of Love), Maria Karimova (Mari Ka, Martian Rabbits), Olga Scotland ( Lunar Cape), Anastasia Migova and Alina Plotnikova, Denis Sobolevsky (Skydan), Boris Levandovsky (Leoboris). Essential assistance in concert activities was provided by Sergey Kiselev and Arsen Stepanyan from VPR Project and Anything And Everything Festival, by Lia Izvolskaya.

Aquascape music is often used in scientific-&-naturalistic movies, in technical reviews of various gadgets, is aired on many radio stations, is presented in dj track lists all over the world.